Organizing A Team

Why Organize a Team

Why organize a Team? 

The Buddy Walk is all about coming out to celebrate and support Down syndrome awareness and inclusion!  If you know someone with Down syndrome personally, organizing a Team is a way to bring  family, friends, teachers, classmates, therapists, mentors, etc. together to support your loved one with Down syndrome.

Organizations, businesses or other groups can also create a team to support Down syndrome awareness! For example: “Team Banner Bank”. This is a good way to bring people together in a family, school, club, organization, church group, or business to support a great cause!

Some teams create shirts, banners or signs to celebrate their team. These are optional. All registered team members will receive a Buddy Walk shirt and food ticket.

Organize a Team

How do you organize a Team?

Take charge and become a Team Captain! As a Team Captain, you gather your team by contacting and inviting supporters to join your team. Below is a list of ways that you can help your Team support Down syndrome awareness and inclusion through the buddy walk program!

1. Register as a Team

  • Create a new team and register yourself as the team captain using online registration. Click here to go to our registration page. It may take a few days for your new team to show up online.

  • If your team is already listed, just start recruiting team members!

  • Direct your team members to register individually using the website (You can send them this link to the online registration form,     ) so that they can register as part of your team. They select your team name on the drop down.

  • If you choose not to use the online registration, you can use a mail in registration for your team as is explained on the registration page.

2. Upload a photo This is a great way to showcase your loved one with Down syndrome. We will make a poster for you and it will be displayed along the buddy walk route and be available for you to keep after the walk. Upload a photo when registering a new team on our Registration Page or email a photo and a little about him/her, including name, age, hobbies/interests, to

3. Collect Pledges  – As Team Captain, you can direct team members or others wishing to donate to your team by filling out the online registration form and selecting the “Donation” option. This way your family, friends, or team members can donate to the Buddy Walk in behalf of your team. You can also collect donations/pledges using the Team Pledge Form.  Prizes will be awarded to the 3 top teams who collect the most pledges! You will turn in all team pledges the day of the Buddy Walk.  The Team who collects the most pledges will also be recognized on our website and Facebook pages after the walk!

  • Click here to download the Team Pledge Form.
  • Haga clic aquí para descargar el Forma de Compromiso del equipo.

4. Sponsors (optional)

Ask local businesses to sponsor the Buddy Walk by making a 100% tax-deductible donation and get their logo on the Buddy Walk shirt, website, and facebook!

  • Click here to download sponsorship form to take to local businesses. 
  • or refer sponsors to the online registration form which allows sponsors to sign up online.