New Parents

Congratulations! You have a beautiful new baby!

New Parents

This is wonderful news! Here at DSSGC, we welcome you and your new baby with open arms and hearts! You are embarking on a wonderful journey of joy and love as you raise your child with Down syndrome.  DSSGC New and Expectant Parent Outreach Program is designed to help and support you. There are so many parents who have been in your shoes and know that it can be a little scary and intimidating because there is so much negative information and influences out there. First, you are not alone! Second, we are here give you a message of JOY! There is much to gain and so many families that want to share their stories with you and be a part of your life! We look forward to meeting you and providing the support and positive information you need right now!

Here is a glimpse into you and your child’s amazing future!